Longxiang, Guizhou Zunyi people, in July 1991 to participate in the work, Tsinghua University EMBA Master of Business Administration. 2002 founded in Shenzhen City betterpower Battery Co., Ltd., at the same time as the CPPCC Shenzhen Longhua District, the first session of the Committee, the CPPCC Jiangxi Yichun City, the fourth session of the Committee, vice president of Shenzhen City glory business promotion, Guizhou Guizhou Chamber of Commerce supervisorExecutive vice president of Shenzhen Longhua New District General Chamber of Commerce, executive vice president of Shenzhen Baoan District Big Wave Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Zunyi Chamber of Commerce consultant, Longhua New District Charity Association charity director and other duties.

On the afternoon of October 20, 2016, after the successful completion of the agenda, Bao'an District CPPCC fifth session of the successful conclusion of the meeting, the election elected a new political leadership of the district. Shenzhen City betterpower Battery Co., Ltd. Mr. Long Xiang was honored to be elected the second session of the Shenzhen Baoan District CPPCC members.

2016 yearsOn the afternoon of October 28, the first meeting of the fourth session of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, was successfully concluded. Mr. Long Xiang was elected as the fourth CPPCC member of Yichun City. This is the honor of the second force Long Dong, but also times the extraordinary honor and pride! 

Yichun City, the democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the City Intellectuals Association was invited to attend the meeting. Also invited to attend the meeting are overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao, the city invited guests.

Betterpower of people under the leadership of Mr. Long Xiang, is about to move into the fifteenth anniversary. Looking back at the achievements made in the past 15 years, we have benefited from the good policies of the party and the state, benefiting from the good atmosphere of " The strong support.

       The company has developed into the only one set of nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, lithium battery research and development, production, trade in one of the high-tech enterprises.

       The company produces civilian high-capacity battery, low self-discharge battery, high rate SC industrial supporting battery and other products are widely used in digital consumer electronics, home entertainment, computer IT, office style, portable medical equipment, home mobile appliances and remote control Industry, and won the praise of customers, the relevant international leading design products in Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other markets selling.

Since the beginning of the beginning of business, double force to abandon the pace also follow the way others go; established to technological innovation, product structure adjustment as the main line, focus on improving the core competitiveness of enterprises business ideas. During the past few years, Mr. Long Xiang personally planned, deployed and organized a series of technical innovation, new product development projects have achieved fruitful results for the rapid development of the times laid the foundation.

       Mr. Long Xiang with a strong perseverance and extraordinary vision, in the company's development on the road to create a new level; he is a full of ambition, patriotic charisma practitioners, forget society Responsibility, sincere return to the community. Over the past year, he repeatedly convened the company cadres and employees, and actively advocate love action.
       ·  Funded to help donate Guangdong Yingde hope primary school
       ·  The company organized more than 300 employees donated 100,000 ml, was awarded "gratuitous blood donation business"
       ·  For the big Lang Chamber of Commerce, Longhua New Chamber of Commerce donations for the "Mid-Autumn Festival"
       ·  Mr. Long Xiang care about the staff, approachable, often appear in the workshop to understand the work of the staff life, in his support, the company's colorful life.

       In 2012, the Central Academy of Social Sciences has organized experts and professors 3 times to the company to conduct research, and issued a book on the harmonious relationship between labor and capital books "labor consultation mechanism", which 1/4 of the space about the times of the company. In 2014 was named "civilized enterprises", 2016 company BPI brand won the Guangdong Provincial Famous Trademark Review and Adjudication Board awarded the "Guangdong famous brand" title;

       15 years through thick and thin, now Jiangxi Province betterpower the new energy limited company is about to open, is willing to betterpower people in Longxiang, chairman of the leadership will do better, for our common ideals and goals, continue to work hard.