Company Culture

The establishment of corporate culture is a milestone in the history of the development of special forces!   ——Chairman Long Xiang 

Our corporate culture consists of four aspects:



We focus on becoming a respected world-class energy provider,
Distinguished clients and honest citizens of value;
We are committed to the whole society to provide efficient environmental protection energy,
So that people's lives more quality,
So that the double force of the company continued healthy growth


Through innovative cost-effective products and perfect service,Through the innovative cost-effective products and improve the services to maximize the value of the products provided to protect the company's leading market competitiveness; to cultivate customer-focused results-oriented talent, to create space to play their own potential and To be successful in order to achieve multi-winTo achieve multi-win-win situation.

core values

• Integrity-based             • Customer focus       
• result-oriented             • Teamwork              
• Actions speak louder than words             • Seek truth from facts            
• Speed is greater than perfect      • The survival of the fittest to meritorious service


Ideas think more, do better!

Chairman of the 26 expectations of the staff



1, You just pick up the phone, tell the customer do not know, no way;
2, you just open an order, do not contact, do not track, there is no problem reporting, do not deal with;
3, you only play the report, not sure the number of correctness;
4, you just pick up the phone, never hope that the customer has a satisfactory feeling, never want customers to set some more goods;
5, you only think that they are clerks, never thought to take the initiative to help business / supervisor, but the passive completion of the higher arrangements for the work;
6, you only think that they are an assistant, never thought of their own words and deeds on behalf of business, supervisors, managers, companies;
Well, you are not qualified to do a double force competent assistant, your job, anyone can replace it.


1, you never put departmental performance goals in mind forever;
2, you never thought of personal goals to reach the target reached;
3, send samples / quote, never thought about the results, why not news; never track why no orders, how much can be traded;
4, more orders, never thought about how the matter, drift, with the customer dance;
5, less orders, not to trace what the reasons, no feeling, no action;
6, you never thought in front of customers more professional, more trustworthy, never thought how to grow faster;
7, the customer response to the quality of the problem, you think he was picky, as he was bad customers;
8, the work is not planning, time management, cost is not controlled, customers do not education;
9, you think the development of new customers, the new market is troublesome, painful;
10, you only want to know the customer to the product model / price / delivery / trading, rather than to understand the customer's background / product type / development trend;

Well, you are not qualified to do a double force competent business people, you are, is the burden of all of us.


1, You do not regard customer needs as a very important;
2, you do not give customers complain about priority to solve the matter, take the initiative to review the review;
3, you are often not on time delivery, as customers will always wait for you;
4, business response to customer problems, you think he was tired;
5, you often "very troublesome", "difficult", "do not want to do", "impossible" in the mouth;
6, you always have many reasons to make you a task; you are always right, but you are always a mess of things involved;
7, you always want your superiors to come up with time and effort to solve your share of things;
8, you pay attention to personal and departmental performance, but do not care about the needs of customers, do not care about the company's collective and corporate performance;
9, you always think your colleagues have problems, do not match you, you do not want to communicate improved; the relationship with colleagues can not always improve, do not know the value of the team;

10, you work every day as a routine work, do not take the initiative to find the problem, improve the quality; do not belong to their own responsibility to work from the reluctant to take the initiative to convene the deal;

Well, you are not qualified to be a competent manager / supervisor / staff, working with you, I'm tired.


no excuse

I no longer say:
I was not going to be late, but it was raining and traffic jams.
I did not finish the job because it was too busy. After all, I'm just an individual, not a machine.
I can not do it because I have never been trained in this area and no one has guided me.
We lost, because the other is a big company.
I did not do it well, because it was too little time for me to prepare.
I did not plan well because I had not been out of time recently.
If other people can cooperate, I think I will do better.
Business is not good, not I do not work, but the whole economic situation is very bad.
I have not set a target because I do not know if I am ready.
I did not call the customer because I lost the phone number.
I neglected the family, but I was working hard for the family.
I was wrong, but we all did it all.
I can not understand so many things, because my environment is too occluded.
I know that I did not deal with this matter, but my subordinates did not communicate with me in time.
That customer is too picky, no one can meet him.