Company Profile

Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd. was established in March 26, 2002, is the domestic high-capacity nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery manufacturing technology leader. Located in the beautiful town of Shenzhen Longhua with Fu Village Industrial Park, from the Shenzhen city center and the airport 20 minutes by car, convenient transportation; The company has 25000 square meters factory in Shenzhen, has its own 200 acres of Industrial Park in Jiangxi of Yichun,More than 2,000 employees, college education accounted for more than 30 percent of the staff, strong technical force, with the international leading level of positive and negative automated production lines, Nissan to 450,000, mainly export-oriented products, the main market concentrated in the United States, Europe , Brazil, Austrailia and Thailand.Our products sell well all over the world, Is a large number of internationally renowned brands of OEM / ODM manufacturers.

       The company in 2002 received ISO9001: 2000 certification, the unswerving implementation of this stringent standards. All of our products have passed CE certification, UL certification, RoHS certification. At the same time we and the United States and Asia (AIU) insurance companies, for our production of all batteries to implement product liability insurance. Make sure our guests do not take any risk. August 2004, the world's largest battery separator manufacturer - Germany Codberg company, in the Division I set up the Chinese test center. In December 2004, the company was recognized by the Shenzhen Municipal Government as a "high-tech enterprise" company to actively cultivate outstanding R & D personnel, and strive to expand OEM, ODM and aftermarket business, establish and maintain strategic alliance with suppliers and customers. Integrate supply chain to enhance customer value. In addition to the self-improvement of production technology, the factory management and marketing channels are constantly pursuing innovation and breakthrough. In 2005, we introduced the ERP system in the industry. In 2006, we introduced Lean Manufacturing Management (JIT). In 2008, we were named "Baoan Key Technology Enterprise" 2009 was included in the "Bao'an District private growth plan engineering enterprises." In 2010, the company was named the first batch of Baoan District, "independent innovation-oriented enterprises", in October 2010, the company was identified as state-level high-tech enterprises. 2013, to create a "post-doctoral innovation practice base."

          The company is ISO9001 and ISO14000 environmental quality management certification factory, all products have passed the CE, UL, RoHS and REACH certification, our products by the PICC (PICC) underwriting, the purchase of product liability insurance to ensure that our guests do not bear any risk.

        ·  Is currently the only one with lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-zinc battery three series of battery products company;
·  Civil high - capacity batteries, low self - discharge batteries, high - temperature battery product capacity and performance in the forefront of the world;
· Nickel and zinc batteries only to achieve large-scale production, the leading technology level;
·  Lithium battery: Bluetooth speaker battery market share of the leading, cylindrical lithium battery capacity domesticLeading
·  Has a rechargeable battery 100 core patents;
·  Shenzhen, Bao'an District, Big Wave Street level three government recognized labor relations model enterprises.

      Jiangxi  BetterPower new energy limited liability company
With the market demand for power batteries and energy storage batteries to expand, in order to play a technological advantage, expand the scale of enterprises, the company gathered in the lithium industry is highly gathered Yichun investment in the construction of battery production base, the total investment of 142.2 million yuan, Development Zone to build a new production line, the project covers an area of 200 acres, to implement an annual output of 80 million Ni-MH batteries, lithium production capacity of 20 million MA production line construction projects to consolidate and enhance the battery industry market position.

         Jiangxi betterpower the new energy limited liability company is located in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone Chunshun Road 999, Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone for four consecutive years into the ranks of the province's advanced industrial park, Jiangxi Province is the industrial economy, "10 billion project" Jiangxi Province, the first batch of ten eco-industrial park pilot units and Jiangxi Province, the first batch of provincial modern service industry gathering area.