R & D strength

Any advanced technology, only converted into cost-effective products to produce value.


With more than 80 senior nickel-metal hydride batteries R & D and technical staff composed of modern enterprise R & D center, most people engaged in nickel-metal hydride industry for more than 10 years, and hired Germany, Japan experts to guide the development and production.


Our researchers work with the business unit to develop market-oriented advanced products. R & D center engineers also often participate in and promote product innovation, especially when they encounter high-risk projects. The center has a very professional talent, can provide a suitable and feasible solution for each project.


The company has successfully developed and marketed high and low temperature batteries, power tools, batteries, low-cost batteries and the industry's highest level of civilian high-capacity AA2750mAh batteries and low self-discharge batteries AA2600mAh, AAA1000mAh. Among them, the low self-discharge battery to significantly improve the general rechargeable battery after charging the shortcomings of self-discharge, reduce the natural loss of electricity, you can buy that can be used to recharge the cycle up to 1000 times.


The company has the industry's advanced positive pole production of patent rights, self-developed battery explosion-proof technology 3, has applied for rechargeable batteries of the patent of more than 100 items.


To a strong R & D strength, we continue to introduce new products to meet the market and customer requirements. Continuous efforts to dare to explore innovation, to seek technical breakthroughs and enhance the high-end products and differentiation to win the market.

Shenzhen times more force Battery Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you, hand in hand.

Bitter force to adhere to customer demand-oriented product development and innovative ideas, and Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and Central South University to cooperate and innovate for the global users to provide high-quality, cost-effective products and services. Through the technical exchanges with the university, so that the new force of new products, new technologies emerge in an endless stream, maintaining excellent competitiveness.