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Patent introduction

Ultra-power in the lithium battery, high-capacity nickel-metal hydride batteries, low self-discharge Ni-MH batteries, high-temperature nickel-metal hydride batteries and rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries, such as R & D and manufacturing have formed their own technology, technology and independent intellectual property rights, More than 100 patents.

Battery Safety Patent: Explosion protection system(China Patent No .: 200910036407.9)

I developed a battery explosion-proof cap, the cap inside the use of a high-temperature effect of rubber to do explosion-proof ball, can be inside or outside the battery short circuit, a short time to produce high temperature, when the temperature reaches 80 ~ 120 degrees, Vector effect, rapid exhaust, making the cap pressure down, which can ensure that the battery safe to prevent the battery explosion occurred. (In the event of an internal short circuit in the conventional cap, there is a risk of explosion due to material pressure and exhaust pressure relief.)