Four test centers

Rechargeable battery industry chain can be divided into raw material production, finished product production, and marketing and other links. Tente has always attached importance to the importance of cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises.

And three leading raw material suppliers to establish a test center, forming a relatively complete battery manufacturing industry chain, easy to play the advantages of upstream and downstream industry chain integration, the specific performance in the following three areas:

(A): help to ensure that the company's products of good quality. From the combination of raw material production and finished product production, the company master the business convergence and technical convergence between the two industries, on the one hand is conducive to the upstream from the raw material industry to directly control and ensure the downstream product quality, that is, from the source can control , To adjust the relevant process and technical parameters to produce products in line with market needs; the other hand is also conducive to downstream products according to the technical requirements and process requirements in a timely manner to adjust to optimize the upstream part of the production process and technical parameters, in order to achieve the industrial chain Downstream of the two-way, interactive adjustment, to ensure that the upstream and downstream products of good quality.

(B): shorten the cycle of new product development and marketing. According to the research and development of new products need to directly link the new requirements of materials, technical improvements, can greatly shorten the development time. This advantage in the technology update quickly battery industry has a prominent value.

(C): help to improve the company's ability to resist risks. Through the reasonable extension of the industrial chain, we can realize the internalization of the main raw materials needed by the leading products of the company, reduce the production cost and improve the profitability and anti-risk ability of the company. In addition, the company can expand the enterprise through the reasonable extension of the industrial chain Space, improve the level of profitability at the same time, effectively stabilize the supply and demand between upstream and downstream supply and demand fluctuations or structural imbalance.