Environmental initiatives

BPI in its own rapid development at the same time, committed to environmental protection to return to human society, and to ISO14001 international standards for the establishment of environmental management system.

The company's environmental system to reduce waste of resources, the production of green products as the main goal; in the development of new products, the use of raw materials, production control and waste disposal management, environmental protection to do a force.

For the green earth and the end of mankind to protect our precious resources (energy, land, water, air and creatures) and human health and safety, we promise:

1, strict implementation of the relevant environmental regulations and the relevant provisions of the company, and strive to prevent pollution, customs continued improvement;

2, the use of environmentally friendly production technology; materials and processes, the rational use of energy and resources;

3, to strengthen the publicity, continuous training. Improve the environmental awareness of employees;

4, safe and reasonable storage, the use of chemical dangerous goods and flammable, explosive materials;

5, to help customers correctly use, storage and disposal of our products;

6, to strengthen emergency preparedness measures to avoid environmental accidents.

For the green earth, we have been working hard!