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Polymer lithium ion battery product introduction

Polymer lithium ion battery product introduction

   Referred to the polymer lithium-ion battery, in the eyes of consumers is still unfamiliar. Lithium-ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ions and polymer lithium ions, polymer lithium-ion battery electrolyte is colloidal, will not flow. Compared to liquid lithium-ion battery is more secure, in recent years in the global technology is mature and commercial has been more than four years time. The current market share is only about 10%, and has not been widely used, but also shows that the technology has the future of plasticity.

   It is not difficult to see that the polymer lithium battery, whether in safety, functionality, or in the energy ratio, volume ratio and so have the advantage. In the industry, polymer lithium-ion battery is recognized as the future of the most development potential of the battery products.

   A lot of people would ask why lithium polymer batteries are recognized as the most promising battery products According to

the betterpower R & D engineers: Introduction: "the first polymer lithium ion battery with high safety, no battery electrolyte, not explosive; also has the effect of environmental protection, can be recycled; the lamination stack process, cell shape can change the thin piece of battery can reach 0.5mm, the plasticity is very strong. At the same time, the battery in the puncture, cutting off the destruction of the environment, not only will not explode, but also uninterrupted power supply, but only slightly worse mileage."