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Winter photographic equipment battery can be used normally

With the waves of the cold wave approaching, most parts of the north have entered the real winter mode, some places are already snow. For the southern region, the winter is not better, although there is no pressing north, but all aspects of the protective measures will be different from the summer. The following author to tell you about how to maintain the camera in winter, in order to more freedom in the ice and snow to shoot, in order to make their own equipment to live longer.
Speaking of winter photography, we most often talk about the topic is: battery durability decline (power).

The first is the battery, we know that for the SLR camera, shutter, reflector and other mechanical structure is very stable and reliable, unless too extreme environment, generally no mechanical failure. For the current camera, the performance of electronic components is also greatly enhanced, no longer like the early digital camera, one to zero ten degrees of electronic structure in a semi-crash state. Modern SLR cameras and the vast majority of micro single cameras, taken in cold winter, the temperature does not damage the camera's own mechanical or electronic components. But the battery is to ensure that the most important factors in the shooting, in extreme cold environment, often the first can not carry, is the camera battery.

Card camera and micro-single may rarely affect the environmental factors, because you can take a few, and then carry, but the big SLR is difficult to put into the pocket, so although the battery life is better, but also need protection. The use of cold hood is a very good choice, in addition, you can use similar to warm baby and other props, attached to the camera handle, you can guarantee the camera battery warmth.

Now the digital cameras are powered by lithium batteries, according to the actual experience, the original original battery is not less than minus ten degrees in the environment, the basic will not have much power loss, and in the camera when the camera will There is a certain amount of heat, so the general environment, the camera battery will not reduce too much battery life, you can rest assured that users.

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