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Nickel - zinc battery market prospects

Nickel-zinc battery product research and development purpose is to replace the existing one-time cylindrical battery and cylindrical rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, to further replace the cylindrical rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, rechargeable battery costs further reduce the performance to further improve.

In recent years, resource conservation and the pursuit of environmental protection to promote the continuous development of battery technology. Market demand continues to promote the development of battery technology, the market for resource conservation and the demand for environmentally friendly batteries become the driving force for the development of the battery industry. In order to save resources, in the 1980s and 1990s, the focus of the study was on reusable secondary batteries. The original primary battery market was partially replaced by secondary rechargeable batteries. As a result of the heavy use of primary batteries, Zinc battery nominal voltage of 1.6V, 0.1V higher than the voltage of a battery, long-term storage of electricity loss in the rechargeable battery price advantage is obvious, a wide range of work environment, can achieve a battery replacement.

The EU's ROHS directive and related restrictions on the export of copper barriers, and China's implementation of the "electronic information products pollution control management approach", and other nickel-cadmium batteries on the production environment, the use of the environment has a great pollution, great harm to the human body (such as GP Cadmium exceeded the event), in this environment, nickel-cadmium battery market shrinking phenomenon, and nickel-zinc battery as a green energy, its high current performance better than nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-cadmium battery upgrade products , Which instead of nickel-cadmium batteries is the inevitable result.

Due to our abundant rare earth, nonferrous metal resources and relatively low cost of land and labor, China has a comparative advantage in the secondary battery production. At the same time, thanks to the rapid growth of China's economy and the comprehensive upgrading of consumption, Secondary battery consumer demand market is also growing rapidly. China is rapidly becoming a major producer and consumer of secondary batteries. According to the incomplete statistics of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, in 2006, China's various types of battery production exceeded 39 billion, the output value of more than 78 billion yuan; one battery production was 24.5 billion, nickel-cadmium battery production 5 billion only.

A nickel-zinc battery production and demand, nickel-zinc battery as its upgrade products, due to policy and demand requirements, nickel-zinc battery from a battery and nickel-cadmium batteries used in the high-end market cut, and gradually occupy its market, The market is huge and the market is in good shape.