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Copyright Notice

Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd. website legal statement

 Welcome to the website of Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd. BetterPower is a professional rechargeable battery manufacturer. In order to regulate the site management, according to the law to protect the legitimate rights of the site and the copyright owner,BetterPower to make the following legal statement. The terms and conditions set forth in this Legal Notices apply to all individuals or organizations that access and use the website.

 1,BetterPower website is a professional business website for all consumers, any access to and use of this site individuals or institutions must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, shall not use the dissemination of the site capacity, engaged in illegal activities.

 This site does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of all information, text, graphics, links and other items. The content is for visitors only. The Site does not assume any commercial or legal liability for the consequences arising from the use of the contents of this website.

 3. All Web sites and their contents and copyrights linked to the website are not responsible for any direct or indirect commercial or legal liability for their contents or form or nature.

 4. The articles, materials and related pictures reproduced by Bridgetic website are owned by the original author or the original media. No agency or individual may use it for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright owner. This website protects the rights of the copyright owner.