Common Problem

1,  Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd. is a kind of company?
The battery is run by a vibrant, socially responsible team. The company's vision is to become a respected world-class energy provider.
The full name of the company is Shenzhen times more force Battery Co., Ltd., is a professional battery manufacturer in China high-capacity nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery manufacturing technology leader, also involved in new energy nickel-zinc battery and lithium battery development.
BPI is committed to the whole society to provide efficient environmental energy, will be positioned as your side of the rechargeable battery experts. Rechargeable batteries are a professional electronic product, especially when used in industrial matching, need some knowledge, and professional guidance! Our R & D staff have more than 18 years of work experience, and set up a dedicated customer service department, to provide you with cost-effective power solutions.

2, Bridgestone factory and office address where?
Nickel Battery Division (Headquarters) Shenzhen times more force Battery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd
Phone: 400-0667-800
Post Code: 518109
Tel: 0755-2900 9188 Fax: 0755-2900 9588

Nickel Battery Business Division
Address: Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, Long Street, with the rich village industrial park 11, 26
Tel: (0086) -755-2807 8088
Fax: (0086) -755-2807 8588
Lithium Battery Business Division Lithium Battery Business Division
Address: Hualian Industrial Zone, Huaining Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China
Tel: (0086) -755-2900 9188
Fax: (0086) -755-2900 9588

Lithium Battery Business Division Lithium Battery Business Division
Address: Hualian Industrial Zone, Huaining Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China
Tel: (0086) -755-2900 9188
Fax: (0086) -755-2900 9588
3, times the battery company's main business is what?
Battery is set nickel-zinc batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, lithium battery production and sales of one of the rechargeable battery suppliers.

4, what type of battery does your company do? What can I use?
Nickel zinc batteries: AA, AAA, mainly used for digital cameras, razors, electric toys, lamps, electric toothbrushes, etc .;
Ni-MH battery: AA, AAA, AAAA, SC, A, C, D, 9V, mainly used for digital cameras, remote control toys, electric toothbrushes, razors, cordless phones, wireless headsets, walkie-talkies, miner's lamp, emergency lights, vacuum cleaners , Sweeping machines, power tools, etc .;
Lithium batteries: 18650,14430,092941A, 523445A, 443845AR, 753440A, mainly used for electronic cigarette mobile phone communications notebook digital camera;

5, your company what product protection measures?
The company is ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification factory, all products have passed CE, UL, RoHS and REACH certification; our products by the PICC (PICC) underwriting, the purchase of product liability insurance to ensure that our guests do not take any risks.

6, the minimum order for each order is how much?
The number of single models needs to reach more than 20,000 (inclusive) or more

7, after the order, how long can receive the battery? Whether to provide door-to-door service?
The battery production cycle generally takes 30 days, after the completion of production we will arrange the battery transport.
If you are in the Pearl River Delta, will be sent within 1-2 working days;
Yangtze River Delta region will be served in 2-3 working days;
Fujian area will be served within 2-3 working days;
Other domestic cities above the city level, will arrive within 3-5 working days;
If you are in the suburbs of the city or below the county level, will arrive in 7-10 working days.
If you are in Guangdong Province, our company to arrange their own door-to-door, and put you a good battery to the warehouse.
If you are in other cities in the country (including county level), we will arrange reputable express delivery company door-to-door.

8, you provide the pre-sale, after-sales service which?
Battery is a professional high technical content of the product, its use is by the battery, charger, with a device composed of electrical equipment. The correct use of the battery, it directly affects the safety of electrical appliances or not.
In November 2007, I set up the customer service department, by the battery industry for more than 10 years with quality, production, PMC work management experience in charge of managers, and senior technical electronic engineers.
The functions of the customer service department include pre-sales service and after-sales service. Pre-sale service is to make the battery and customer products to achieve a perfect match to provide a series of services; after-sales service is to meet the special requirements of customers to provide services.
At the same time, the customer service department in the new product development, a comprehensive understanding of market information, according to customer needs, to provide a clear demand for research and development.

9, times the company's working hours is how?
Marketing center and customer service hotline and order processing time for 7x24 hours all-weather service;
Note: In case of national holidays, then the times to force the company to inform the holiday time, please pay attention to.

10, how to get the latest product information?
After landing the site to browse the home page advertising, you can see our latest product information, you can also through our business phone or online contact consultation, the contact information is as follows:
Company switchboard: 86755-28078088 turn 8298/8808/8972
Domestic sales hotline: 86755-28078298 overseas sales hotline: 86755-28078808
Customer Service Tel: 86755-28078021
QQ: 112626571 3044768540

11, if I have a question or suggest whether you can e-mail to your feedback?
Yes, I can accept the advice or complaint of the mailbox is:

12, how to identify the dual Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd. products authenticity?
There are two ways to identify:
First, confirm the purchase channels, as long as the Division I clerk and contact the purchase of products are no problem.
Second, with our customer service and business personnel to contact, and I sell the product comparison, from the packaging, fonts, colors and other aspects to determine whether there is no difference.